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Veterans Count

Concerned individuals and corporations providing emergency assistance to any United States Veteran, Service Member or their family in New Hampshire, who is either pre-deployed, deployed or has returned home from active duty. 

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What happens when a veteran comes home from a tour and is without a job, without a place to live and has bills to pay? What happens when a family struggles financially when a loved one is serving overseas?

Military service often presents hardships to individuals and families. You can help by joining Veterans Count.

Veterans Count was created to ensure New Hampshire's veterans and their families do not have to endure personal struggles after sacrificing so much for our country. Veterans Count, quite simply, provides financial assistance to veterans and their families in need of emergency services.

This financial support may include, but is not limited to transportation, housing, rent, fuel assistance, utilities, vehicle repair, gasoline, food, child care, tuition and medical. This includes emergency funding during predeployment, deployment and return from service. A care plan is developed for each client to ensure that veterans, service members and their families receive the assistance they need to become self-sufficient.

We need your help! Veterans Count is a prestigious and truly effective means to make a profound and immediate impact in the lives of our military families.

This is a wonderful way to show your gratitude.
We hope you will join us today!

To watch a short video highlighting Easter Seals NH's Veterans Count program, please click here.

Membership Information

Your membership in Veterans Count ensures help to a veteran and/or their family in need of emergency services. You will receive a signature lapel pin to wear with pride. 

Individual Membership
$150 per year

Lifetime Membership
$2,500 one time

Veterans Count Provider Membership

In light of its mission, Veterans Count has created a new type of membership, called VC Providers, who are individuals or representatives of any business, organization or agency that is willing to commit to providing needed services and/or products through any combination of in-kind contributions, discounts and/or monetary gifts for a period of one year.

Individuals and entities may become a VC Provider by completing the attached VC Provider Agreement. Membership fees are waived with a minimum commitment of $300 in services and products to be provided over one calendar year.

In addition to helping a veteran or veteran's family in need, all VCC Provider members shall receive evidence of membership as a VC Provider such as:

  • VC Provider Members sticker (for use in lobby or vehicle)
  • VC Provider Member lapel pin
  • Name of Business/Organization included in VC newsletters

Please click here to download the VC Provider membership form. For more information on the VC Provider membership and/or the work being done by Easter Seals Veterans Services, please contact Linda Sirak at lsirak@eastersealsnh.org.

Circle of Friends

What is the Circle of Friends?
Circle of Friends is an opportunity for caring individuals to provide financial assistance to military families in need. 

Why Join the Circle of Friends?
Your support has an immediate impact on military families dealing with the unique challenges of deployment by providing emergency funds.

These funds exist to ensure NH veterans and their families do not have to endure
personal struggle after sacrificing so much for our country. Financial support may
include, but is not limited to transportation, housing, fuel assistance, food, child care and medical expenses.

Our Care Coordinators provide essential support that meets each family’s unique needs.

The Impact Your Gift Makes
$3/week = $156 annually (Qualifing Gift for VCC Membership) Provides a week’s worth of groceries for a military family.

$5/week = $260 annually
Buys a month’s worth of heating oil for a warm home.

$10/week = $520 annually
Pays for a car inspection and basic automotive
repairs to ensure a Service Member can get to work and military drill reliably.

$20/week = $1040 annually recognizes you as a member of the President’s Council
Covers a security deposit to help a military family in transition to secure stable housing.

Want to Know More?
Contact Linda Sirak at 603.621.3456 or lsirak@eastersealsnh.org. You can also download this form to sign up for Veterans Count Circle of Friends program. 

A Helping Hand...

“What a blessing to my family to have a resource like Easter Seals Veterans Count to be there for us during this transitional time—before my husband deploys and when he returns. Easter Seals’ rapid response to our needs was professionally and adequately given. Easter Seals has already given me hope and faith that we will be OK and won’t face the same chaos, fears and loneliness I faced two years ago the first time my husband was deployed. Knowing that I have support feels like a huge burden has been lifted.” 

—LilyBeth Nowack, wife of an Iraq veteran


I want to join the Veterans Count Club and make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families!

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