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Farnum Center

Client Testimonials

The Farnum Center is a comprehensive alcohol and substance abuse treatment facility serving more than 400 residents of the state of New Hampshire. Below are testimonials from former clients...

The Farnum Center will always have a special place in my heart. They were the only people that would open their doors to me; when family, friends, and society would not. Both the staff and peers here have opened their arms and loved me; until I could learn to love myself. They helped hold me up when I couldn’t stand on my own. I can truly say that I owe my life and my sobriety to the Farnum Center.

Before I walked through the door, I was on a fast track to death. While doing my intake on the telephone, I was warmed by Fatina with a voice that truly cared. Greeted at the office by two women who were sweet and welcoming. Before I even walked from admissions into the program, I could feel a great, loving and positive vibe in an old decrepit building. I quickly learned that it was not the setting I was in that would aid me in my recovery. It was the people that surround me, support me, and hold me accountable, both staff and peers alike.

While in treatment, issues that have hindered my recovery, both past and present, were brought to light. I was encouraged to work on myself and my issues, I was able to work on and correct my problems, all while being loved and supported.

Every day I engage in treatment with staff and peers, I learn new things about myself and my sobriety. I am better equipped with tools to further myself and my recovery. But what will I do to further my treatment? Am I just going to be tossed to the wolves? Thanks to the wonderful after care woman, Resita, I am going to further my recovery at the Tirrell House. I thank God that there are places like this every night before I lay me head on the pillow.

I owe my life today to Farnum Center. It has all started here. From my peers who helped support me, to the maintenance guy who cheerfully says “hello” every morning, to Brian who puts his love into the great food served every day. Without places like these and the staff who run it, I would not be here today. Thank you for investing in me. I will continue on this path and return your investment with capital.

- Ben Marino

I would like to take this time to thank you dearly from my heart for the opportunity you gave me to go through your program at the Farnum Center.

This was my first and hopefully last time I attend your programs. Upon entering I had no expectations. I was neither intimidated nor over confident. I did, however, come with an open mind willing to be quiet, listen and learn. Although I spoke up more than I anticipated, I was able to learn more than I imagined retainable. As I worked your program day by day I came to understand that my sharing was not such a bad quality I had gained, but a piece of your healing and learning process.

As I settled in, I became to feel welcomed as part of a family or small community if you will. I did often tend to be quiet. Some viewed this as isolation but I prefer to call it being respectful. When I was quiet I was observing my surroundings as well. I began to learn how dysfunctional addict behavior can be at times. Upon noticing this I learned to greatly appreciate the patience, care, love, knowledge and passion that the Farnum staff has surrounded themselves with to tame and conquer this disease of addiction. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to be a part of your facility/program and I am confident that I learned the tools to build a solid foundation. On this journey of rebuilding the life that I deserve I will never forget where I came from. I will visit the basement often to look at my foundation and remind myself how I got everything I have above me and in me.

Lastly, I want to say that I admire what you do for others. I’m sure your salaries are nothing compared to the fringe benefit of seeing the success in those you’ve reached out to help. An unparalled feeling.
- Derek N. Duguett

This program saved my life, it has taught me how to deal with everyday life by learning to cope with the way the addict mind thinks. But you have to remember that it’s your program and it’s not going to work itself you have to work it. It’s all there for you in black and white. How bad do you want it and remember that your addiction never takes a day off its always in the back of your mind doing pushups waiting for sobriety to get weak so always know that you can’t take a day off of your recovery even when you have this program. The staff here is wonderful and if you work with them you’ll benefit from them for the rest of your life. I am.                                                                                                     

- John Bryant

Liz and her staff played the most crucial role in my recovery. I learned so much information at Farnum. They showed me how important it is to be respectful and considerate of all the people around you. I got a little something from each counselor. Bruce shared much of his wisdom with me in groups and on a personal level. Summer and Rosita did a lot to help me get on my feet once it was time to leave Farnum, and Liz was always there to keep me right sized and my head in the game. Thank you all so much!
- JC 

Words can’t express my gratitude for what I learned, and the help I received through your program. I entered Farnum Center broken, hurt, and confused about my thoughts, feelings, and my addiction. The Co-Occuring Dependency program taught me so much about control of my thoughts and emotions. The process groups really helped me with my hurt, and my helplessness. The Farnum Center staff are caring, supportive, that I could not have asked for anything more. I pray every day that as society recognizes addiction as a treatable disease, that there will be Farnum Centers everywhere they’re needed. I was able to leave there to transition into another phase of recovery. I am so grateful for all the care that was so kindly offered to me. I graduated with hope, and strength that guides me every day! My options are wide open. As I travel through my community, I realize the Farnum Center has saved so many lives, and should be reguarded as an institution that hopefully always will be. Truly, Honestly, Gratefully Thank you.

- Brian M. Skelton 

Thank you for all your help! From 4.10.12 to 5.10.12 I learned a lot. The C.O.D. program really helped me with my thoughts and how to deal and change them. I have slowed down a little and take life one day at a time. Staff was always helpful in getting me to really feel what is going on with me. I am at Tirrell House now set up by you people so thanks for that too. I love that place and the staff more than words can tell! Please continue to help the folks coming off the street. I asked for help and I got it. Summer thanks for helping me! (cool cool). Thanks to All                                                                          

- Fred W. Bush

I can’t thank you guys enough for the help and position you put me into forward my recovery. This place helped me in so much, thank you for putting everything in order to get me to Tirrell House. This place is an awesome place for people coming in off the street and assisting them in rebuilding their lives and showing them a new way to live. Processing group probably helped me the most and I learned a lot about myself in this group.                                                                                                                        

- Cory Cosseboom 

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